Antelope Pronghorn of Jefferson County

Antelope Pronghorn of Jefferson County

Meet the Antelope or technically they are Pronghorn here in Jefferson County Oregon!

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We call these Antelope here, right or wrong well , this is just the way it is. We have a town named Antelope even ha!

These Antelope were photographed here in Jefferson County Oregon, closest town of any size is Madras Oregon. This is the Crooked River National Grassland, and I have a tenancy to call it the Ochoco National Grasslands and I need to not do that….. There is 173,629 acres to fart around on, if you wish. Years ago I had someone tell me, “Why there is plenty of things going on here, if you look”. Since then I have looked, I now have the eyes to see! The Antelope, Elk and the Mule Deer have been the biggest things we have seen in the wild animal category, however there are Mountains Lions here as well!

Keep your eyes open for the Birds of Prey!! Everything from Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles to all kind of Hawks and Owls. To the smaller creatures such as the Horned Lizards to Rattle Snakes are found here.

Since this area is so close to our home we tend to spend time here. Even the official state page shows, “our”, mountain here in Jefferson County on the homepage, this just goes to show how close this area is to us! We live in a area that is rich with the outdoors!

Right now, (since I just took these photographs Saturday), the wildflowers are starting to bloom! Turning the brown High Desert Landscape into cascades of color! Wildlife is starting to move down from the high points to the lower lands to spend the summer, such as these Antelope!

You are able to see the Antelope pretty easily! Don’t trust the males ever! I found this out….. never make that mistake again!

The Antelope move out of your way pretty easily, unlike the cattle! The Antelope can get into ok sized herds as well! You can tell the Antelope from a good distance away by their big white behinds! The young look allot like their adults and stay near the adults. The horns of the males can be impressive, specially when he is not charging you, and you get to see him at a safe distance.

Keep in mind some of the roads here can be pretty rutty! Staying on the main gravel roads we have seen the Antelope! Take the other roads only if your vehicle can take a beating! As this day there was no one around if you get in trouble…. though we do not have cell phones either…… Which should work just fine in this area??

At times the Antelope are everywhere! Not sure how 2015 is going to be?

We have never seen the Antelope at the canyon. That is Lake Billy Chinook. Does not mean the Antelope do not cross hwy 97 and head on over there, just means we have never seen them there! I have only seen and photographed the Antelope east of hwy 97.

Keep in mind the horse back riders in this area. They do run off the bigger wildlife such as the Antelope. Many public horse corrals in this area! The horseback riders when they stay on their horses are no big deal if you are passing through. If they stay on their horses! We have had issues with folks off their horses and not being able to control their horses.

Lately, oh last year or two we have seen more bicycles too…. in the strangest places we have seen bicycle people! Not so sure how the wildlife or the free roaming livestock react to the bicycles? Since we have had the free roaming livestock think of us as a food source showing up to feed them….. more then likely because our truck sounds like the ranchers truck?? Just be careful out there! Bring water with you!! Most folks I would think would stop and help someone, we have and we are not different from any other local……..

Keep your eyes open and you can see such things as the Antelope in our area too! If you are visiting or live here in Jefferson County! Closest places to this area to camp or park your RV more then likely is the camp grounds at Haystack Rock, or the KOA? That way you do not have to cross hwy 97, though as I said there are quite a few horse corrals in this area. Bring water!

Thank you for coming by and checking out the photographs of these Antelope or um Pronghorns of Jefferson County Oregon!

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