Baby Elk Calves Of The Ochoco Mountains

Baby Elk Calves Of The Ochoco Mountains

It is the time of the year to see the young wildlife! The Ochoco Mountains is knows for the wildlife, big and small. Flying or running, or as you who have been following my photography for the years I have been doing this, the wildlife may just be grazing and/or resting.

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We do our best to get up into the mountains before dawn. Dawn is when the wildlife is up and getting breakfast much like we are. Animals of course have a thought process and do get the hang of human behavior. Start eating early and there is a little chance of running into humans. The wildlife do their breakfast thing and typically find a nice spot to sun themselves and relax. Why waste energy when one does not need too?

Right now is the time of the year you may just see the young? Of course where there are the young there will be the adults ~ somewhere! So don’t do anything to ignorant out there. Even touching these young baby wild creatures could mean the parents just don’t want them back with the stench of humans on them. Leave the baby, young wildlife alone.

If you feel the need to be a hero to your children, or complete strangers find a professional. Many people have tracking devices on them at all times. Check your tracking device, find the exact location of your find. Pass this information on to the professionals. This is what they do for a living, hence the word, “professional”. Otherwise you might just be doing the wildlife harm by your misguided intentions.

There has been a story in the news lately of some tourists stealing a bison calf and putting it into their vehicle. Someone said something on twitter that made me stop in my tracks, what was that, “misguided compaction”, or something rather. Gardeners understand the phrase, ” loving something to death”, same thing applies to animals. Best thing a parent can teach their children is to respect wildlife.

Wildlife have a right to live with little interaction with people as possible, without bars, without us feeding them or handling them. Again, leave the wild life alone. That bison calf who those tourists put into their vehicle died by the way…… Animals are not people. Animals do things we may not understand and the news articles I had read it sounded like that bison calf was not doing well before the tourists put it in their vehicle. Just use common sense out there, call in a professional, don’t touch the wildlife.

Right now is the time of the year to see the young, baby wildlife. If you turn off your phone, put all the noisy toys you have away, you may even hear the baby birds in the hollow of the tree’s where their nests are at while in the mountains! This is the neat time of the year!

Thank you for coming by and hope you like the photographs I took of these Young Elk Calves.

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