Amaryllis Flower Project

Mrsroadrunner Photography | Amaryllis Flower Project

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Amaryllis Flowers &emdash; amaryllis flower 011

This is my Red Amaryllis Flower Cluster. This is one of my indoor plants that flower. The lighting is artificial and rather funky to photograph within my room.
This flower species is from South Africa and I just do not want to get into the species thing going on since two species have been put into the name “Amaryllis”, category sold here in America (other countries too?).


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The Golden-Crowned Sparrow in Need

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Birds Seed and Insect Eaters &emdash; Golden-Crowned Sparrow

This is the Golden-Crowned Sparrow. Biggest sparrow we have here and we have big flocks of them at times here at the house. Beautiful song comes from these song birds!!

The Golden-Crowned Sparrows are also a smart species, like all sparrows I guess? Seen at bird feeders, or gardens looking for that something to eat as the one in the photograph is doing at one of our little ponds. I watch these sparrows quite a lot for they are one of the common birds here at the house.


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