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English Mastiff IE Side Kick

English Mastiff IE Side Kick

Meet Dufus , not his real name of course but some of the nicer nick names that he has haha! Dufus is a English Mastiff we drove what 12 hours to another state to pick up him and his litter mate brother. Dufus we did not pick out per say, he picked ME out. Would not leave me alone so Guy perked up and told the owners we will take that pup too!

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The brothers have such different personalities! This one likes to make us laugh! He is so nutty!

We joke around with him saying we could have bought a whole new puppy with the price of his vet bills due to taking the “boys”, to contaminated mines here in our part of Oregon. I tell everyone do not take your dog to these abandoned mines! Or at least do not let them out of the truck and get into the water! Experience has taught Guy and I this one! Now Dufus is the healthiest dog we ever had ha! Of course his appetite has proven this and he can put on weight which is no good for these large dogs, small dogs too however you can pick up smaller dogs!!

We all hiked into a area of the Metolius River when he got up on this point so he could look down on us. Typical for him to do! He also LOVES the attention of the camera! His brother typically is right next to me unless Guy has to take them away from where I am photographing whatever. The English Mastiff has very good noses, meaning they will push me out of the way if something has gotten into that nose of theirs and then they get in trouble. Guy helps me out by taking the boys and giving them something else to do.

Come to think of it, I will check here soon but I think this is one of the times (there has been several), that a coyote was following us. However this time the coyote was across the Metolius and sat down as if it was told to just to watch us haha! If you notice dufus does not have a collar on? Well there is a reason for this. The boys have been taught voice commands. They listen ok, and we do bring such things with us just in case we need them…. It is very odd for us to run into people where we go. Coyotes and other wildlife on the other hand…….

Nothing other then say a bird, butterfly etc.  is allowed around me oh depends what it is…. , period. This is what the English Mastiff has been bred for , for thousands of years. They are one of the oldest dog breeds there is. In fact dufus here he does not bark, he bays like a bloodhound. I heard somewhere where the bloodhound came from the english mastiff, however true or not??

Their howling can get on peoples nerves…… Guy laughs when they howl though he does not have to hear people complain either these people come to ME haha

The boys are the second pair of English Mastiffs for Guy. This helped us obtain these boys for the breeder did not want the boys going to a house hold who did not understand the breed.

We already had the 6′ fencing installed. The other pair of mastiffs already ate or chewed on everything there was to chew on around here ha! The food issues (big dogs eat more just fact). We have been through the hip and bone issues, and the “but we want to see the big dogs”.

The “boys”, are my constant companions when Guy is at work. Along with the other two dogs they keep life entertaining around here! Dufus here is a huge part of this. They do not have to jump to get anything off the counters here right? If I forget something, or I walk off with something on the counter, he will walk over and take it if I am not constantly watching! Dufus will even grab serving bowls , rather big ones and walk off with it to eat whats inside in the comfort he chooses!! Big stinker!!

Being wet mouths they are constantly shaking the drool from their jowls, so these two have been taught to come to me to get wiped off. Believe it or not they prefer which towel will be used and refuse to let me wipe them with the towels they dont like.  Dufus here likes water, his brother not so much. Dufus hates the cold but loves snow. His brother will sit outside in the below temperatures and well his brother is fearless and I no longer allow him to be out in the snow or ice alone very long.

They also fight among themselves as brothers tend to do!! I of course am usually the one to break up these fights which do cause blood shed. This of course is just them figuring out who the boss is, and dufus here usually lets his brother take the lead and sorry to remind them over and over but I am queen bee here!

They blow up like puffer fish if they feel any danger is around, and use that knot head of theirs to ram such things as fences, furniture, anything they feel is in their way. Dufus here will run outside, turn around and run inside at full speed and I tell you what if you are in his way it hurts!!

Dufus here will also play with strangers. He will act all puppy like then go for the person….. One service dude that was here fixing something (not real big community here and not the companies fault their service man acted like a jerk),  right off the bat the service man insulted me, dufus growled at him the whole time he was here and my son had to escort the service man off the property haha

I dont know if we will get another pair of English Mastiffs in the future however I am sold on the breed. They have great personalities, and very loyal to their families.

Thank you for coming by looking at my photographs and listening to me talk about the English Mastiffs.



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