Evening Grosbeak Visiting

Evening Grosbeak Visiting

Meet the Evening Grosbeaks who stopped by the other day here at our place on the High Desert of Oregon!

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This flock was not the biggest we have had here! Several males, perhaps the females are around I just did not see the females? The Evening Grosbeaks do have a distinctive call that makes me look for them!

The Grosbeak species is the only bird I have read who can safely eat the Monarch Butterfly. With all the talk of the Monarch Butterflies number going down , I wonder about the Grosbeak? Will the Grosbeak be under threat by those who are in favor of the Monarch Butterfly survival more so then these Grosbeaks survival? Much as the massive owl slaughter in our state to help another Owl species?

Just makes me wonder……

It does not seam to matter which Grosbeak species is seen, they all have a stalky, compact build. The Grosbeak coloring and their song makes them stick out! The most common of the Grosbeak that is seen here at home is these Evening Grosbeaks, and the Black headed Grosbeak. All ages and genders of both species can be found visiting us.

The Grosbeaks do not stick around all year long. They seam to show up during migration at both times of the year to eat, drink before moving on. The duration may last two weeks or so? They also typically show up in flocks. If you see one Evening Grosbeak or Black headed Grosbeak typically there is more somewhere close by or this has been my observation.

These Evening Grosbeaks, (there is more then one in these photographs), were photographed in this fruit tree which hangs over one of our small ponds. The water tends to attract many species of wildlife! These Evening Grosbeaks were not comfortable with me at this time which tells me they just showed up here from who knows where?

When the migrating birds start getting comfortable with me they tend to drink and bath in the ponds while I am close by without much issues. They are still wild birds however if I give the birds space they give me a show which I can photograph. Bringing their young with them.

Thank you for coming by and checking out this series of photographs I got the other day!

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