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Finch Fledgling Begging For Food

Finch Fledgling Begging For Food

Meet the wild Finches! This is the first one who got my attention! The Finches are year round song birds here at the house! The fledgling ( baby ), is the one in the background.

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The Fledgling baby and the adult are hanging out, with a junco bird in the background.

The Fledgling baby Finch does come to the feeder , garden, ponds all by itself. Though as you see here begging from dad as well!

You can see the male is doing his best to provide the youngster with something to eat!

The youngsters are never happy!!

Birds are fun to watch and photograph and I do both quite a lot!! Thank you for coming by and seeing my little series of shots!

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    1. For sure Jeffrey 🙂 Notice he did not feed the fledgeling?? He came close to it but nope never did feed the baby when I was watching! The baby was just flapping its wings just begging ….

    1. Thank you Eva! Nice to see you, hope you and your family a great new year!!

      1. We are just fine, finally having a long break from work

    2. WOO HOO, breaks are good!! Get plenty of relaxation in!! 🙂

      1. That is my plan 🙂 chillax and paint, read or whatever comes to mind

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