Flower Thieves Caught!

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Mind you we live in a mostly quiet little town. There are more and more of us involved in the craft of gardening.

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What I have noticed progressing within the years is thievery. People think nothing of stealing out of your garden. This is NOT the act of a children either but full grown adults!! Along with flowers there are bird baths, ornamental garden decor being stolen btw these items  were inside the ladies yard and fence! Tools seam to be a big one, even getting into people vehicles stealing anything they can has been happening! I have kept this out of my blogs for I was hoping the situation would go down of my flowers being stolen if I just kept my eye on my garden better…. nope! The season has just started!

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We buy our seeds, bulbs etc.. from several sources as well as private individuals. Some of our flowers like many other people have been handed down through out the years and good luck to find whatever flower easily anymore!! Then again the price of such things has just went up and up!

Folks who are not gardeners or grow their own flowers just do not get it and I feel if you were one of these people, why would you be at my blog for??

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Typically when I go outside to care for my flowers I do take their photograph as well. Not knowing of course it might be the last time I see that particular flower!

The photographs here are of the actual stolen flowers or like the 3 different kinds that were stolen. Speaking with someone I thought their was only one chopped down, but nope…….


One of the boys who was laying on their bed (yes the dogs have their own full sized bed haha), where they can see out the door made a strange bark. Not a full bark, but not a bark to say hey,” I am going to get up off my bed”!! So, hearing this bark I kept eating my breakfast.

When I got done with my breakfast I went to this mastiff dog and asked him what’s going on? I heard some strange noises coming from what I thought was the lilac bushes / trees. We have had people in these before and found their shoes, house keys, other articles of clothing before. Not sure why we fertilize quite heavily here….. meaning smelly POOP haha!

So I head on over there to see what is going on ! I see the door shut to a ford pick up truck and the person has a bunch of my iris flowers in their hands just grinning from ear to ear!!

I admit I seen red……

I went inside the house as fast as I can, hey I have had to get ahead of charging animals before …… grabbed my camera! Granite I did not have my proper lens on for this, however it has to do!! I started clicking shots!

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief 033

Here is one of the people inside their truck holding my Iris Flowers just happy as can be! After all they just got away with stealing some vary pretty flowers!!

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief 035

Notice the camera pointed straight at you ! Priceless look on your face by the way, where is that proud grin??

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief 036

Now, I think this thief has a clue that they have been caught. What do you think?

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief 043

There is a dude on the outside of the truck doing who knows what??

Some folks do pull onto our property, off the road because they break down or sometimes catching people sleeping in their vehicles.

Now the lady in the drivers side, what she did was also priceless!! 100% priceless!!

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief

This thief flips us off!! As if …… That pretty dyed red/orange hair wont stick out like crazy in this rural farming town! What she has on her fingers I had to ask my grown son what is that??

Mrsroadrunner Photography: Flower Thieves &emdash; thief 110

Son says mom that is on there as brass knuckles. Um what she going to do climb a 6′ dog fence with 2 mastiff and 2 smaller dogs to what beat me up over being caught stealing?? HELLO!!

I am hoping folks get the hint to NOT steal from us or my elderly neighbor….. if you are here to cause grief and drama LEAVE. I am personally sick of these kinds of people thinking they can do whatever they want here! This is a good place with good people. We are trying to get families to move here, thus we have to do something about these kinds of people!!

It is NOT ok to steal ANYTHING from any of us home owners! We are all getting sick and tired of it!!

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  1. Good for you Mrs. Roadrunner. Hate thieves and liars.

    1. I can not stand a thief! A liar one can just walk away from, a thief – this is a way of life for them. Steal something so basic as flowers in and on someones property – what else will they steal if they get a chance too?

  2. Unacceptable – ridiculous behavior! Great that you got a good shot, hopefully that will shame them? So sorry 🙁

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