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Hen and Chicks Flower Photography

Hen and Chicks Flower Photography

These are the flowers to the succulent known as Hen and Chicks.

1-Hen-and-chicks-017 2-Hen-and-chicks-018 3-Hen-and-chicks-028 4-Hen-and-chicks-030 5-Hen-and-chicks-050 6-Hen-and-chicks-056 7-Hen-and-chicks-062 8-Hen-and-chicks-066 9-Hen-and-chicks-088 10-Hen-and-chicks-090
When this plant reaches maturity, these flowers are what is produced. It is said the plant then dies.
There is two different flowers here, on several plants.
I was outside when I had one of our elderly neighbors got my attention. She so dearly wanted photographs of her 5 year old Hen and Chicks plant.
Now really, how could I say no??

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