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Red-tailed Hawk In The High Desert

Red-tailed Hawk In The High Desert

Meet the Red-tailed Hawk of The High Desert of Oregon! If you visit here and see a Hawk, this might just be the Hawk you see first?

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You may see the Red-tailed Hawk in a topped Juniper as this one is. Why the topped Juniper tree’s? The Red-tailed Hawks are not small birds, not the largest birds of prey we have , not the smallest either!

The Red-tailed Hawk is four feetish in length. The females are bigger then the males, as other birds of prey are. We do get the Red-tailed Hawk here at the house flying over to see what there is to see. However this one was photographed away from the house on this topped juniper tree. Normal growing juniper tree’s just are not strong enough to hold a Red-tailed Hawk. So the Red-tailed Hawks find topped juniper tree’s or they are found a ring or two down on a stronger limb in the juniper tree, or anything that can hold their weight. We just have a lot of juniper tree’s here in the high desert to make use of.

The Red-tailed Hawk can be found most places here in the High Desert. The Red-tailed Hawk does not tend to fear people. You can find the Red-tailed Hawk nesting outside of peoples homes in the tree’s here where we live. You can find them on the sides of the road hunting, you can find them on electrical lines along the high ways hunting. Keep your eyes open, if you visit here you will see a Red-tailed Hawk!

This Red-tailed Hawk started stretching it’s wings so I new it would not be long until the Red-tailed Hawk took flight!

It is pretty easy to get to close to the Red-tailed Hawks when they take flight! The younger Red-tailed Hawks will not fly far, and will kind of, “jump” to close spots to land. Testing out their wings. That is just the behavior of the young birds. The older Red-tailed Hawks already went through this stage of testing out their wings so they do not have to demonstrate such behavior.

You really do not have to stress the Red-tailed Hawk to take flight. Just wait….. The Red-tailed Hawk when we see them out and about like this, they do not stick around on such a exposed spot like this topped juniper tree for long. The Juniper tree was not tall, it seamed to me like just a stopping point for a short time. I have even photographs the Red-tailed Hawks at kills along with the Eagles. The Ravens always, I mean always tell when their is such a kill. Everything shows up! So keep your ears open for the Raven! The big mouths of nature…..

This shot is the last shot I got before it went behind the other Junipers and I really did not feel like following the bird. Plenty of other Birds of Prey to photograph! The Red-tailed Hawk is not always found up in the sky!! Look in the tree’s you are hiking by, use your ears to listen for the Ravens telling you and everyone where a meal is, just keep your eyes open other then in the skies of course!

Thank you for coming by and checking out this series of this Red-tailed Hawk I photographed!

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  1. They are beautiful with the colours and pattern of the feathers:)

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