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Rose Bloom in Orange

Rose Bloom in Orange

Meet our one of our Roses! Like several of our other Roses this to is a climbing Rose, with a nice color and the scent is not to bad either!

Rose Bloom in Orange 001 Rose Bloom in Orange 005

Roses are one of those flowers many people have. Guy is the Rose buyer here at our home. He looks at peddle count, and is real fond of the climbers!! This Rose is not a huge climber as our others. It does cover quite a lot of the six foot fence with many blooms! We actually gave away recently a couple of our climbers due to space. We do not have much land so every inch of space is valuable. I will miss those climbing Roses, however they all went to good homes!

This Orange Rose has a hint of yellow inside the peddles and we have had it for several years now! We did not have scare with our Roses. Warmth then we got a freeze! It looks like all our established Roses are coming back! The black death was clipped, and new shoots of growth is being seen! Black death is something I just say for if you grow roses you know of the black death and how much you do not want to see it!

Guy claimed he was not going to buy anymore Roses….. guess what he brought home lately??

The Roses attract Butterflies, Hoverflies,I have even photographed frogs inside the peddles of our Roses!!

Thank you for coming by and seeing my photographs of this Rose!

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  1. Are the roses blooming in you garden already? I am so envious:) A beautiful close up. What s stunning colour.

    1. WOW you can sure tell I was tired when I wrote this one haha!
      Not blooming yet, we had a scare this past season with temps of -14. We thought we lost all our roses, but happily they are coming back!
      I am still pretty far behind in my photography…… and look the season is almost here again ha!
      Thank you for coming by and commenting Girl Gone Expat!

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