Shelter Shelter Shelter Shelter Shelter

We ran across this  remote spot purely by our curiosity.

There had to be a water source since we seen trees.

so we made our way to the water source, then found this. Someone is clearly using this as a residence, none of our business as to why….

We took nothing, but Guy did carry the skinning knife around with him until we left, he put it back.

Just to be on the safe side. I mean the dogs would surely told us if anyone was around, but who would hear if a gun was used?

I talk about the adventures we have….. This structure was not built by someone who has never done it before, it did not look like it anyways.

Not only was the knife put back but nothing was taken.


The way we see things is, it is like running into a home that has no doors, no windows. Look around but don’t take anything.

Anyhoo I thought it was worthy of a few photographs!

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