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South Fork Crooked River Oregon

South Fork Crooked River Oregon

This is the South Fork of the Crooked River in the Ochoco Mountains here in Oregon!

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The Crooked River is a tributary of the Deschutes River and is 125 miles long. “Crooked”, is a good word for this river too haha! The Crooked River winds it’s way here and there!

We spend a lot of time around the Crooked River! Many creatures have to have water! Depending what you are looking for, depends where you want to go! I look for meadows, I look for places with standing water for my Butterfly and other insect photography.

Cottonwood groves will produce Owls and other birds. So will the Cattails. Wooded areas are quite popular with all kinds of wildlife! Along with the wooded areas, Mushrooms are found to photograph! Sometimes you can run into watersheds. Watersheds are fenced off so the horses, cattle can not get in there and tear up these water sources. I admit we do not spend time at the watersheds. No real reason, just do not see to much movement.

Some areas you will find fly fisher people. Crawfish are found in some places. Campers are found along with their horses at time as well. These things are typically all found within the same places and we do not bother with these places typically. Why bother? Wildlife just does not care for such human activity.

We go to the more quiet places. The places where people are not! Sure we do stop into some of the camping places to read the boards. This is where important information is at, such as cougars in the area etc..

Most people do not see anything, those who are looking for the big that is. Which there is Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope (Pronghorns for the folks who want to get technical). It is good to pay attention to the hunting seasons!

Wild Horses are found in these mountains as well! The Wild Horses are easy enough to spot at the tree’s with high grasses growing. A lot of dung in the road, they use the roads too! Driving quickly in the Ochoco Mountains may not result in a great outcome! Sheep, lots of sheep graze in the Ochoco Mountains. Cattle are also brought into the Ochoco Mountains. You do not think the campers and our taxes pay for everything do you?

Just keep your eyes open if you are around the Crooked River, any part of it! The wildlife might be small, might be hard to see if you do not yet have the eyes to see. Wildlife is there! You just got to slow down, look around!

PLEASE if you pack it in, pack it out! Sure there are garbage cans here and there in the parks, however people have to empty these and in today’s economy just pack it out yourself!

Thank you for coming by and visiting Oregon!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful area. There is something about being close to a stream. The sound is so relaxing the the reflections in the water nice:) I totally agree with you pack it in, pack it out philosophy!

    1. Hi Girl Gone Expat ,
      We do like where we live 🙂 Oh ya the pack it in pack it out. I wished it was part of everyone’s common sense, unfortunately it isn’t. We just need to remind people right 🙂

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