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Verbena Flower Blooms

Verbena Flower Blooms

Meet the Verbena Flower. Some folks may know them called other names? I need some color who knows you may as well?

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We grow our Verbena in a large flower pot in direct east sunlight. The flowers do well in this direct sunlight, the camera does tend to throw a fit in this sunlight. We have not tried the Verbena directly in the ground.

Verbena comes in all kinds of colors! Some of the blooms when they get older even turn to another color! The Verbena also has a nice smell to them which is why they draw in some wildlife??

I personally do not pick our flowers due to wanting their seeds. Every year I try and keep the seeds in the same pot…. come to think of it in 2014 I believe the Verbena seeds did fall, bloom in the ground near the pot. This happens to several of our flowers!

I do have a mix of soil I mix myself. Keeping brand names to myself here is a list.

A high end blend of soil (mind you this “high end blend”, soil we do drive to the bigger towns to buy this for we can not find it in our area and it is spendy!! ),

a mushrooms blend (hence the mushrooms that grow here),

a cheaper all around house plant blend (we buy this in bulk bags. Keeping AWAY from the soils that promise to help with feeding or moisture by adding additives. That stuff is no good for us, throws me off),

Peat Moss is added in,

Then last is steer “stuff”, blend (of course living where we do we can get this anywhere, though it is nice to get the blend that has already been processed killing the bugs) .

I keep my eye out on sales of soil!! If we had the room I would buy it in bigger bulk (dump truck bulk haha). Guy and I joke saying if we ever sale and move off we will be taking our soil with us haha!

Then I mix this all up by hand! Of course changing this or that as I see fit. Some plants need more of this or bone meal,ash or what ever added. I go by what the plants are telling me. Guy has his own system, so we do have to communicate!! Guy has been growing here in the High Desert more years then I have!! His Roses have won at shows and WOW…. so I dont really touch the roses. Guy says this or that one needs this or that , so while at work I do as he says. I do like him taking care of what he sees fit. Guy does other things as well, though Guy is not here so I can not speak for him. I admit I have learned a lot about growing outdoors here in the High Desert from him!! This is not the valley where I have had most of my experience!

I take a lot of photographs of these flowers. I thought I would keep this down to a few of them!

As folks know who are connected to me somewhere, we do not use pesticides. With these Verbena we do not have a insect issue, nothing that sticks out in my mind anyhoo.

You can see the leaf of that nasty tree in the shot above. I hate that stupid tree! Though it does provide some shade, and we cut it back every year!! Perfect place for nasty insects to set up shop!! Hence cutting the tree back….. Under that tree is where I scared a wild turkey out of my garden!! Turkeys, ducks, chickens, quail etc.. can do a lot of damage to a garden!! Of course if I owned the birds they would be the best thing since sliced bread haha

This flower is a little spent , though it still has nice color!

Thank you for coming by and looking at my Verbena Flower Photography. I do have a lot more photographs of the Verbena ….. and I do not give name brand names out of soils and such for a reason. All gardeners have their own system, right -wrong is really in the results. Growing flowers , veggies etc. is not really a cookie cutter process……

Footnote, you can copy and keep any of these photographs in my blogs (Mine are watermarked), by following these directions;

Hit the PRTSC/SYSRQ button

Open up your photo softwear. Hit CTRL + V (or go to edit and paste). You should have the whole page copied into your software.

Cut out the photo.


Sometimes you have to play around with this. Where I host my photographs, Zenfolio.com, they are a professional photography place and they know all the tricks out there!! You can not even go into the page source (page source by passes most watermark software, giving access to the unwatermarked images), as you can other places and get photos!! I love this place for this for hosting my photography!

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