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Viceroy Butterfly In The High Desert

Viceroy Butterfly In The High Desert

Meet the Viceroy Butterfly! Pretty Butterfly right?

1 Viceroy Butterfly 534 2 Viceroy Butterfly 543 3 Viceroy Butterfly 551 4 Monarch Butterfly Flying off 187 5 Viceroy Butterfly 949 6 Viceroy Butterfly 954 7 Viceroy Butterfly id only 527

I learned of this Butterfly actually on facebook….. a wildlife place was posting the difference of the Viceroy Butterfly, and the Monarch Butterfly. I thought it looked familiar, as if I had photographed the Viceroy Butterfly before. Sure enough when I came upon this photo album in my archive (2014), there was this Viceroy Butterfly!

I take many photographs. Someone asked if I could send over a new photograph I just took, well things are not that quick when using a real camera. After the time and effort it takes to get the photograph of whatever, then there is the upload process from which ever camera body that I used. After the upload into my archive, (my archive has the year whatever was taken, and the date, exact time etc.. This gives me a educated guess of where a species might be the next year or the year after that so on. Or the weather conditions , garden changes of whatever flower we grow here at home from year to year), Then I take the time to name each usable file. This way I can go to search, put in a key word and whatever photograph comes up.  This also helps me with the identification process of past species I have photographed…. you get it.

Then I may or may not watermark what ever photograph I upload to the web. Lately since I have been uploading photographs to my own server, all photographs are being watermarked before they go onto the web. My process works for me. Everyone has their own routine, this is just mine. When I need whatever photograph processed into whatever sized photograph I just go into my archive, either choose the photograph that is named already or go to the original file, which ever one I need. The watermarked photographs are resized to a size that is not good for processing, plus who wants a photograph that is watermarked??

So you see I do not just upload a photograph I just took without going through my routine…… Which should teach me not to talk about things I just photographed, but I get excised. When this feeling goes away I will walk away from this whole thing….

This Viceroy Butterfly was very skittish. Was not staying still for me for nothing!! I translate this into, just arriving here at this place I was at? Or, just transforming into a Butterfly at this place I was at? Just not used to people. Where I go for my photography I am lucky to see one other person, typically this is off in the distance. Typically a farmer or rancher working. I do not always go out and about with Guy and/or the dogs. I have a tendency to go by myself.

Because of this butterfly being so sketch I did not get the micro shots that I like to get.

See the “half moon”, of black? The “U” shape….. well the Monarch Butterfly does not have that….

The photograph above is a Monarch Butterfly. No black moon shape or a “U”, of black. Look at the two photographs and you can see the differences of the two butterflies. Anyhoo read up on your own about the Viceroy Butterfly, and the Monarch Butterfly. I have not as of yet dived into the males and females all that…. I find if I have a reason to do something then the time is not wasted.

This shot above is in another location. Same Viceroy Butterfly. I watched where it went and got this photograph above.

This shot above I used for identification purposes only. Not a clear shot, so I named the file above for id purposes only. You can see this when you go to look at the photograph itself. I go to my search and put in the key words,” Viceroy Butterfly id only”, and that photograph will come up. As I said in other blog posts some of my photography is used for ID only.

Thank you for coming by and checking out my photography of this Viceroy Butterfly!

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