As a sit here contemplating the world as I know it

As a sit here contemplating the world as I know it. Thoughts come and go like the endless chattering of this or that bird outside in the lilac bushes. One voice then the other gets drowned out by the many chatting voices of the small birds as this or that thought gets drowned out by all the restless thoughts that just don’t seem to give me any rest.
I have always been the lonely type of person no matter how many people I find myself in the mist of. Only to have this loneliness replaced by what ever creature of nature draws my attention away. I like the critters that I seam to draw around me, or do they draw me in?
Such as the birds who are just doing their thing on the bird feeder? Never knowing what bird may show up? I find it interesting how these wild birds all feel I put that bird feeder up just for that one bird. Of course I always tend to associate the critters I watch with people. Knowing the age-old argument is people are so much more advanced than the creatures I watch, however I argue this logic. I see so many similarities between the creatures of nature and what we call the society of today.
Take that sick bird , whom anyone can clearly see is sick. The other birds tend to leave it alone. The other birds may go near it only because they want something the sick bird just happens to have or be perched near only to go away when they have taken what they wanted.
The sick bird does not scream for the others to come to it’s aid , but just sits , alone. I would hope people have a little more to offer then a bird?
People are not much different then birds in this aspect. Some people do not know what to say, or they may know what to say but it always comes out wrong, or the other person takes what is spoken in a wrong way. So , such people quit trying. Lets face it, what is the point of trying only to be rejected? Or, as some species of birds they attack the sick, the different from the flock. While other species of birds never show how truly uncomfortable life is.
So the sick bird sits alone, happy to be alive , but alone never the less.
As a cartoon comes into my mind I remember since a child. The animated bird always does what the bird feel is the right thing. Parent and siblings will not, or perhaps can not understand this birds logic of doing what the bird thinks is right. Regardless of what the family thinks. Clearly the odd ball of the animated bird family and told on a regular basis by the animated bird family how odd he really is. However the animated bird just keeps on doing what he feels is right. Gosh I only seen that cartoon once? It sure had an impact on my young mind. I recall the bird grew and went through the molting stage and turned out to be the most beautiful bird. Of course it was animated and was surely made to teach a lesson to the kids watching?
In fact I think that is when I had both my arms in casts? Or it was soon after? I had lots of time to sit around back then for lets face it , who can do anything with both arms in casts?
Critters are so much more….. Truthful then any person can be. Think about it, don’t put bird seed in the bird feeder what happens? Get to close to a hawks nest what happens? Lets take a snake, snakes are part of nature. Get to near a rattle snake what happens? This is truth. Pure truth. Don’t put bird seed in the bird feeder, birds have no use for you. Get to close to the hawks nest, you will have adults trying to scare you away , even diving at you with sharp talons wide open. The rattle snake will shake its tail. You do not listen to the rattle snakes tail , it then will choose to bite you. The young of course not being able to control the venom. Either way may just choose to release enough venom to seriously hurt you or even kill you. Critters are truthful.
This is the end of my thoughts for now…..

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